Submitting Materials to the How-To Library

The HSCG welcomes you to submit materials for inclusing in the How-To Library. We accept both original content and content that has been previously published.

Content may be in the form of articles, videos, podcasts, webinars or other media as appropriate. In order for content to be considered it must be:

  • Relevant to the craft of handcrafted soap and cosmetics OR to small business in general.
  • Presented in a professional manner to the highest standards in accordance with the media being produced (e.g. articles written well and accompanied by appropriate photographs; videos with clear audio and picture quality).
  • Content should clearly differentiate between opinion (e.g. “how strong a fragrance should be”) with fact (ie “the IFRA recommended fragrance usage levels”).
  • Authored or presented by a professional qualified in the content subject matter.
  • Free of all promotion, advertising and/or product placement.

In addition, the contributor must have the necessary rights to grant the HSCG right or license to publish the material.

Original Exclusive Content

To be accepted as original, exclusive content for the How-To Library, the material may not have been previously published in print or electronic format, and the author must grant the HSCG exclusive publication rights.

The HSCG understands the value of exclusive content and therefore will recognize the contributors with:

  • Inclusion on the How-To Library Contributor’s Page where Contributors are listed in alphabetical order by contributor’s name or based on the number of articles or media published, at the discretion of the HSCG. The listing on the Contributor’s Page may contain:
    • Contributor’s name;
    • Contributor’s business name (linked);
    • A photo of the contributor;
    • A short bio (100 words maximum).
  • An acknowledgement on the page containing the content; such acknowledgement to include the contributor’s name, business name (linked), photo, a short bio statement (150 characters) and a link to the Contributors’ page.

Republished Content

Republished content may be included in the How-To Library, provided the content is pertinent and valuable to users of the How-To Library. As with original content, to be accepted as republished content for the How-To Library, the copyright owner must grant the HSCG publication rights.

In exchange for the right to publish the material the HSCG will recognize contributors of republished content by including attribution and a link to the contributor’s website on the page displaying the material.

Content Submission

Content must be submitted to the HSCG Office in electronic format (email, dropbox etc.). All submissions must include all necessary files (text, photos, video etc. as applicable) and sufficient information for layout and captioning of photos if required.

If you have content to submt, please contact the HSCG office for details on how to submit and to whom you should send your materials.

Content Approval

All content published in the HSCG How-To Library must be approved by the How-To Library Content Approval Panel (HTLCAP). The HTLCAP has the responsibility to review all materials submitted for completeness, accuracy, pertinence, applicability and reliability. Based on their review, the HTLCAP may approve, disapprove or return for edits any content submitted. If approved, HTLCAP assigns the level of accessibility of the material (public, registered users or members only).

In order to be well-rounded and unbiased the HTLCAP shall consist of one HSCG Staff Member to be assigned by the Executive Director, the HSCG Webmaster, up to 2 members of the Board of Directors and up to 2 HSCG members at large as approved by the HSCG Board of Directors.

The decision of the HTLCAP is final.