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SOAP Socket

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7950 Colquitt Rd # 2
Sandy Springs, GA 30350 United States

Contact: Lexie Robinson
Phone: 19147706272

Products/Services Offered

  • Soap

Product Types

  • Promo & Marketing Service

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Introducing the SOAP Socket TM

The Soap Socket is the ultimate companion to your bar of soap.

This innovative product is a soap holder, a soap dish, and a soap saver all in one.

The soap dish feature ensures that the soap stays dry between uses.

The elegant design accentuates the beauty of your bar of soap while keeping the

bathroom free of soap scum.

The Soap Socket handle allows for the best lather while easily holding your soap.

The Socket also serves as a marketing tool for soap makers!

Place your name and logo on the base of the Soap Socket. It becomes a memorable

product that will make your brand stand out.

Say goodbye to messy soap dishes and dropped bars of soap in the shower. Say

hello to an elegant pedestal for your soap and promotion of your brand.

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SOAP Socket

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