LiluSoap Tools

10516 Pagewood Drive
Dallas, TX 75230

Contact: LiChing Liu
Phone: 972-978-7207

When I started my handmade soap business, I spent a lot of money on all kinds of soap molds and tools, but none of them met my standard. They were either hard to use, painful to clean, poorly performed, too bulky to store or even hurt my hands… I addressed my frustration to my genius brother and his son, their brilliant engineering mind immediately searched for solutions. After intensive brain storming, many experiments at a high-tech manufacturer and sleepless nights, they came up with the perfect solution---precise and tough stainless steel handmade soap tools! We call it LiluSoap Tools.
LiluSoap Tools are all made of 1/16" heavy duty stainless steel and are fabricated by a CNC machine and laser. They are easy to use and can be cleaned in no time with just water. They are durable enough to last for generations. Now these innovative tools are available to you to help your soap-making experience be productive and enjoyable! With LiluSoap Tools, your soaps look even more attractive and professional!