Baraka Shea Butter

Mill Bay, BC V0R 2P4 Canada

Contact: Wayne Dunn
Phone: 1-855-929-7639



Baraka Shea Butter is 100% hand-made by women and families using age-old traditional methods passed down through generations. No chemicals, no additives, nothing but Baraka Shea Butter. We work closely with the women and families that make Baraka Shea Butter, helping to support education, income generation and their other development priorities.
Our belief is that if we can give you great products, great prices and amazing service AND help our producers to make their lives better, we ALL benefit.
Buying from Baraka Supplies gives you great products@great prices and supports real community development, helping women, children and families in northern Ghana. It connects YOU and your products directly with the producers, their families and their villages.
We hope we can earn your business. You can order Certified Fair Trade Baraka Shea Butter (Organic and non-organic) direct from our website:

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