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Grown by our almost 50 member family-farms in Western Oregon’s pristine Willamette Valley, our botanical oils and extracts have been sustainability produced for over 30 years , with a focus on soil health and bee-friendly farming practices.

Abundant annual rainfall and fertile soils deposited by Ice Age glacial flooding make for ideal growing conditions so you can rest assured that our products are produced mindfully, transparently, and responsibly.

Here's more about our products:

This luxurious oil with twice the oxidative stability of Jojoba, can extend the shelf life of other natural oils and is extremely versatile for a range of applications. Our farmers plant meadowfoam as a rotational crop for perennial ryegrass to prevent soil erosion, protect waterways, to improve the health of their land – AND for it’s wonderfully useful seed oil!

• Outstanding oxidative stability
• Luxurious, velvety skin feel
• Cold-pressed virgin oil
• Rich in natural actives
• Deep-red color
• ECOCERT/COSMOS approved, (non-organic)
• Used in moisturizers, hair treatments, cosmetics and suncare products
• Naturally stable alternative to synthetic emollients


• Body & facial moisturizers
• Conditioners & hair treatments
• Hand creams
• Lip Care
• Mascaras & eyeliners
• Oil cleansers
• Facial towelettes
• Sun care products
• Ski and snowboard wax

NEW! DAIKON SEED EXTRACT (DSE), Raphanus Sativus (Radish) Seed Extract
This innovative ingredient offers an opportunity to include a unique, light, easily-absorbed oil into your products. Favored by consumers for a variety of uses, this lovely oil is extracted from commercially grown daikon radish from the environmentally-responsible Pacific Northwest.
• Light colored
• Odorless
• Delicate slip and good absorption
• Used in hair treatments and facial and skin products
• Ecocert and COSMOS Approved (non-organic)


• Beard oils
• Body & facial moisturizers
• Conditioners
• Face oils & oil cleansers
• Hair treatments
• Hand & cuticle care
• Skin & hair serums
• Styling products