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Southern Beauty

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6815 Lake View Dr
Corpus Christi, TX 78412 United States

Contact: Jo-Ann Jewett
Phone: 361-446-1074

Southern Beauty Skin Care answers the consumers’ need for high quality, pure, natural, organic products that feed the skin (the largest organ of the human body). The products we apply to our skin become evident within minutes on our breath and in our blood stream. This is true if you choose to use harsh chemicals or healing, nourishing products. In time, your skin will tell the story of your choices. Southern Beauty began from the encouragement of my family and friends. My sensitive skin led me to formulate a skin care line that has kept my skin healthy and free from irritation. I believe good things should not be kept secret so Southern Beauty was born. What can Southern Beauty do for you? Never underestimate the power of small changes made consistently over time. My skin care products can help you look your best regardless of your age. They are made of the finest, healthiest ingredients available today. I do not use fillers, nor do I add cheap, ineffectual ingredients. You will never find any harmful ingredients in Southern Beauty products. Choosing Southern Beauty will set you on the path to ageless beauty, knowing you have made the best decision for the healthiest complexion.

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Southern Beauty

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Southern Beauty

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