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Gaia Goods

Contact Information

Coeur d\' Alene, ID United States

Phone: 208-277-8434

Gaia Goods all natural, herbal infused products nourish, sooth and heal the body. My products are created with organic and sustainable oils and butters, local beeswax, local mountain spring water and sustainably grown and harvested herbs. The plants I use are consciously cared for with love, respect and gratitude making products that are infused with these very qualities as well as the innate virtues the plants themselves contain. I personally cultivate the majority of the herbs used in my products. Those that I do not grow personally, I wild craft.

The mission of Gaia Goods is to foster awareness, understanding and relationship with the natural world by providing useful and unique products that support and inspire sustainability, resourcefulness and creative, responsible environmental stewardship.

Gaia Goods is a green company. I source as many ingredients as possible from the local community and environment with organic and sustainable being top priority. Those that I cannot, I buy in bulk from the closest supplier in order to minimize packaging and carbon footprint. I reuse as much packaging as possible. My products are all biodegradable and made with environmentally sound practices. Please reuse your tin, pass it along to someone who will or recycle it.

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