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Trail Botanica, LLC

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5711 Friendship Ave.
Ste 7
Pittsburgh, PA 15206 United States

Contact: Eryn Hughes
Phone: 4123453502

Beginning in the late 90s, Eryn Hughes started her journey into problem solving with skincare products as she worked in the outdoor industry. Identifying unique needs of outdoor athletes' health and the environment were previously unmet by the industry, she pursued further education in sports nutrition, wilderness medicine, mountain bike coaching, herbalism, aromatherapy and botanical illustration.

Skin is the body's largest organ and is crucial to one's overall health and well-being. Opting for safe and natural raw materials and packaging, Trail Botanica practices transparency and Good Manufacturing Practices to demonstrate commitment to product integrity so the consumer can make informed choices. Ongoing research is performed to evaluate organic, locally made and/or sustainably sourced ingredients, whenever possible. Only essential oils, plant pigments and cosmetic grade minerals are used as additives. NO chemical fragrance, color, sodium lauryl sulfate or detergents are added to our products. While our website has the complete selection of products, you can also find select products at local stores throughout the country listed on my website.

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Trail Botanica, LLC

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Trail Botanica, LLC

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