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Serenity Acres Farm

Contact Information

438 NE English Ivy Trail
Pinetta, FL 32350 United States

Contact: Julia Shewchuk
Phone: 850-464-2115

The quest for a healthier life and products that are good for the body, good for the soul and good for the planet started with a little cabin in the woods.

The weekend getaway slowly turned into a new way of life with a mission and a purpose,  as we experimented with creating all natural products that could easily be incorporated into daily life and then started sharing those products with our friends at home and at the farmer's markets. Tired of needing a dictionary and chemistry degree to decipher food and skincare labels, we initially concentrated on those two areas to create fresh and healthy food for our farm and our fresh, high quality goat's milk soap and skin care line which quickly developed a huge following. As we talk the talk, we also try to walk the walk: the farm generates about half of its electricity with its own solar system; chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are absent from the farm; the animals live on pastures and their diet is mainly hay-based (which is locally sourced); the feed for the lactating goats is reviewed and approved by AWA, and consists of at least 50% of Alfalfa pellets to reduce GMO content; and the chickens are truly free-range. As a result of our sustainable practices, the farm has been Animal Welfare Approved Certified for 5 years and is also LilMamaApproved.

Our philosophy and desire to reduce the farm's and our hoof print on Earth is now stronger than ever and is slowly reaching into other areas of the farm such as making our own dog-biscuits without preservatives, using all natural protective outdoor sprays and by using eco-responsible packaging with soy inks and recycled paper without glue; by producing products free of chemicals, artificial dyes, cancer causing preservatives or alcohols. To accomplish all this, of course we need help, and we have incorporated a program where we host, free of charge, like-minded people of all ages on the farm to pass on our knowledge and passion for a humane and healthy Earth.

We cannot all be born to greatness, but we are all unique, and we can all make small changes each, which combined and in unity, will make a huge difference for all of us.

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