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Dolphin Wood House LLC

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1259 Cattle Creek Rd
Rowesville, SC 29133 United States

Contact: Laura B Curtis-Hatt
Phone: 4073507049

Take a minute to relax and enjoy.

Are you on the lookout for handmade soaps, bath bombs, and scrubs that not only make you feel great but is good for your skin also? If yes, look no further, you’ve finally found us. 

Welcome to Dolphin Wood House! We hope that you will enjoy your stay and find something you like!

What We Do:

At Dolphin Wood House, we specialize in making handmade soaps, bath bombs, scrubs and more that we are certain you will love. From their excellent aesthetic properties to their unbelievable fragrances, our products are what you deserve.

What’s more? We use the finest and freshest ingredients for you, ensuring that you are protected from the inside out.

Who We Are:

Dolphin Wood House LLC is an online store that deals in the production and sales of the finest handmade soaps and scrubs.

How We Started:

In 2008 my husband and I heard about a blog called The Urban Homestead ( ). We had already built a vegetable garden and were dreaming of a simpler lifestyle.

We dreamed of knowing where our food came from and what the items that we used on our children had in them. 

We started small, living in Florida at first, with a vegetable garden and 2 goats. In 2011 we moved to Arizona, taking our now 4 goats with us. We ran a small business raising and selling goats. We also learned how to can food and make soap. 

In 2015 we moved to South Carolina and bought our dream house, a 1910's farmhouse on 3 acres of land. We started making plans to make this house, our home, but also stay within the history of the house. We still had the goats, up to 7 now and wanted to make our soap hobby a home-based business. We have both worked in customer service based jobs, and still do, but we long to have a family run business. 

We now sell our homegrown vegetables and handcrafted soaps, scrubs, and bath bombs from our house, online and in local independently owned shops.

We are dedicated to providing you with what you deserve, outstanding products and excellent customer service.

Contact us today!

Relax and enjoy.

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Dolphin Wood House LLC

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