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Salish Sea Botanicals

Contact Information

2516 Rothesay Avenue
Sidney, BC V8L2B8 Canada

Contact: Liz Verwoord
Phone: 2502088775

Salish Sea Botanicals is a company passionate about the environment. We are mindful about our packaging (mainly glass and aluminum) our impact on oceans and forests (palm oil free), ethical ingredients (avoid mica) and we avoid pesticides by using organic, wild harvested and sustainable ingredients. 

Our products are indeed spa worthy with their intentional, pure and small batch ingredients. These are typically superfoods as we are passionate about nutrition. Inside< and >Outside. Botanicals exceptionally high in anti-oxidants, fatty acids and lipids are likely to find their way into our INFUSED skin care. We infuse raw organic turmeric, ginger and black pepper into our organic and raw ACV to help improve gut and overall health. Then we use it in our awesome toner. We infuse our oils with rose, lavender, rosemary and calendula, all of which we grow. There is always something new and amazing being conjured up as herein lies the passion. 

As the creator and formulator of SSB Liz has a background of over 30 years experience in nursing. Skin has always been her specialty. She's kind of like the mad scientist while her daughter Darion has the clipboard, an awesome nose and is a stickler for detail! 

She has spent her life in the South and North Pacific Islands exploring, hiking and boating and advocating for the marine life there. Some of the botanicals grow wild on her Savary Island property and some she cultivates. These experiences inspire her. Liz's special intuitive abilities to connect with plants and people come together in the most amazing and creative pure formulations. πŸŒΏπŸŒΈπŸ™

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