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Blossoming Botanicals LLC

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17522 SE 261st ST
Covington, WA 98042 United States

Contact: Nichole
Phone: 2069093938

Products/Services Offered

  • Soap
  • Cosmetics

Welcome to Blossoming Botanicals LLC. My name is Nichole and I am the proud owner of this wonderful business.

Here at Blossoming Botanicals LLC we are always growing, learning, evolving and of course, blossoming. This brings us back to the earth, back to nature, back to simplicity.

We all know there needs to be changes, for our lives, for our children, for the animals, for the plants, for our ecological system. For our planet. More and more companies are finally making claims and promises to go green, be more sustainable, and eco-conscious. Those companies have the largest impact, and there is still a need for us as small businesses and even individual persons to keep making changes in the right direction as well. We all need a healthier planet and can all help make a difference. Which is why Blossoming Botanicals LLC strives to focus on small batches, eco-friendly options, and sustainable solutions.

Small batches are at the heart and soul of Blossoming Botanicals LLC. Each batch from creation to labeling is carefully made in my home by me. Each batch will always be handmade, never to be outsourced or made in a production facility. Each ingredient and package has been thoughtfully chosen being natural, organic, sustainable, and/or local. The beeswax I use is from a the next town over, just a hop away, The Bees in the Burbs located in Maple Valley, WA. The beeswax is locally sourced and family owned. The carrier and main oils I use are purchased from supplier Brambleberry, they are located a hop, skip, and maybe a jump away in Bellingham, WA. The essential oils, herbs, and salts come from Mountain Rose Herbs. I highly recommend looking into this amazing company: they are located in Eugene, OR and are a zero-waste facility, focusing on everything they can to be completely sustainable, fair trade, and transparent (and this is an understatement). I look to Mountain Rose Herbs as a great example and hero of mass producers and suppliers. The product packaging at Blossoming Botanicals is carefully chosen to ensure easy clean up for recycling and re-usability once you finish that lovely product. When you purchase an item, it is then sent to you in packaging from Eco-Enclose. Eco-Enclose offers compostable, biodegradable, and sustainable packaging!

You can feel assured that your purchase from Blossoming Botanicals LLC is made with the utmost care and respect for you and the planet we all share.

A note on palm oil. Yes, I use palm oil. I purchase it from Brambleberry, who has assured me that this palm is oil Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified. If you didn't know, palm oil is one of the most over harvested and abused oils on the planet, its why we are loosing our most precious rain forests. This oil is extremely controversial. Although, I still use it. This oil brings some absolutely wonderful properties to bar soap and your skin. I also believe that if there is a massive shift and hyper focus to using another oil, then that oil would be under just as much scrutiny as palm. Which is also why I use a variety of oils in my mixtures, to thin out the usage. Again, I also use only RSPO certified oil. RSPO certified means that the palm oil is sustainably sourced from reputable suppliers who are part of the certification program. I believe that if we support those who are for a good cause, then we are making the decision for a better world.

Thank you again so much for taking the time to be here and learn about Blossoming Botanicals LLC. 

Please see this list for my current suppliers:

beeswax -

essential oils, EO supplies - -

herbs, salts, essential oils -

oils, essential oils, sodium hydroxide, colorants -

product packaging - and

packaging -

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Blossoming Botanicals LLC

Blossoming Botanicals LLC

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