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Caprica Soapery

Contact Information

12000 15th Avenue NE
Apt 402
Seattle, WA 98125 United States

Contact: Roxanne Moore
Phone: 3214266645

Caprica Soapery sprung forth from my constant desire to do every craft that ever existed, and a trip back to my home state of Florida to visit my dear friend and heart-sister, Whitney. Always one to pick up a new art or craft, Whitney couldn’t wait to share with me her newest obsession and way to “make that pesky herd of goats pay for themselves”, hand crafting goat’s milk soaps. I made my very first and only batch of soap on this first trip, in early 2016, and didn’t think twice about the hobby other than some silly, messy fun on my vacation.

Fast forward a few years and add in a second trip ‘home’, as well as many Facebook posts, blog posts, and Pinterest boards following all the amazing things you can do and make out of soap, and I was hooked. I spent this second trip home like a mad scientist in her kitchen, prowling through boxes of Essential Oils, covering myself in every shade of mica you can imagine, and barraging her with questions like “What happens if I mix these? Can I put this in there? Is this smell too much like a high school boy’s locker room?”. The addiction was born, and I made several batches of my own creation, under my best friend’s watchful eye. (Shameless plug, check out her amazing soapery, Cheeky Goat Soapery, and her herd of beautiful Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats at her home-based farm, Egidio Farms.)

Upon returning home to Seattle, I promptly started browsing every website I could, searching for the best deals to get the supplies I needed to get started, and thus Caprica Soapery was born. We are a one-person business inspired by the sights and smells of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Based out of my home, I’m very excited to be developing and sharing hand crafted soap products for you and your loved ones. All of our products are made from carefully selected ingredients and specially considered recipes designed to leave you feeling fresh, clean, and happy. We also pride ourselves on being plastic, palm, paraben, and phthalate-free. Head on over to the shop and see what’s available!

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