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Gaia Essentials

Contact Information

861 North St
Pescadero, CA 94060 United States

Contact: Courtney woodrow

Established in 2004, Master Creatress, Debby Icide crafted, grew and blossomed the lovely, handmade entity she aptly named Gaia Essentials. Born from a need for organic sustainable body products and her love of nature, she spent nearly two decades dreaming up and creating the original products.

In 2021, Debby handed off her small business to a very grateful Courtney Woodrow. Courtney brings her own sparkle from a lifetime of yoga studies, passion for wellness and constant desire to live in pure alignment with nature.

Still produced by hand in small batches, each Gaia Essentials product is made from organic food-grade ingredients that are both unrefined and sustainably harvested. 

All aromas are derived exclusively from botanical essential oils, wild-harvested herbs and flora and each recipe is meticulously crafted using a vast set of knowledge gleaned from basic skin nutrition and holistic medicine. 

Our business name comes from the goddess Gaia. Also known as Mother Earth, Gaia is the nurturer we strive to emulate in the careful crafting of our products. 

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