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Cool Wellness Cafe LLC

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80B Centre Pl
Palisades Park, NJ 07650 United States

Contact: 1-201-888-8654
Phone: 5515746115

We wanted to make your Skincare journey ‘Cool’.

Sensitive skin is caused from the harshest ingredients from unknown places and factories. Over processing products and preservatives contain the risk of damaging the natural skin immunity we all should have since birth. We want to cleanse you from all the negative ingredients you have been soaking up on your skin.

Ingredients First then Soap and Oil. That's all we need in our skincare.
We are a community of people who believe in the simplest skincare possible. It is quite hard to find the simplest ingredients that were certified and regulated by the 'real' people.

We purchase our ingredients from certified and verified suppliers who also believe in the same values as we practice.

Packaging is important in all beauty and being aesthetic is our agenda too.
When we create our packaging and shipping boxes, we also consider the longevity of our product in the bottle or wrapper, however, we also deeply consider the recyclability, sustainability of the materials. Waterproof labels consume tremendous amount of plastic and do not biodegrade although it’s convenient and has shiny finish. That’s why we choose to use reusable glass bottles, thermal labels and hanji mulberry papers. To us, making it look simple using the simplest materials is as important as manufacturing simple products with the simplest ingredients. It reduces non-recyclable waste and by-products.


We are based in ‘Korean’ traditional herbalism.
Korean herbalism is as old as 5000+ years since their folktales mythology 단군신화 “Bear and Tiger” story; The very first woman of Korea was a bear who consumed a lot of ‘mugwort(쑥)’ and garlic to become a human female. (Fun fact indeed, you can see how old mugwort has been there for Koreans which is one of our signature ingredients) Not only the oriental medicine practitioners use various herbs to naturally fight against diseases and improve health of their patients but also the general Korean population are naturally educated on how to practically use and incorporate herbs in their everyday lives. We want to introduce that heritage and share that with the world. 

Han-bang skincare is skincare made with traditional methodology of Korean Herbal Medicine derived and practiced from more than 5000+ years ago as mentioned above. In South Korea, Herbal Medicine Medical doctors go through the same training if not more, than Western Medicine Medical doctors and are recognized and honored at the same level with Medical Doctors.

Why do we mainly use South Korean herbs? Because South Korea has the most strict standards by the government, public and private associations approving herbal products because the medical grade herbs are being used by Korean Herbal Medicine Medical Doctors to prescribe to treat patients with real diseases like cancers and diabetes.

There are millions of women who moved from using commercial, mass produced skincare lines to handmade, small batch, indie skincare products. Women in global market are changing. Simply put, they lost interest in buying from companies that make and produce their products outside the country, spend massive amounts of money in advertising which creates major quality dip, using machineries and automations to deliver, what we would like to call, Phantom products covered in miraculous looks and fancy packaging and marketing.

We want you to know the truth in using the simplest ingredients to recover from so called ‘the Korean 10 step skincare routine’  
The founder Bo Kim, a Korean immigrant in the US discovered that having less wrinkles or less acne do not depend on the complex routine that is being popularized. After her longest fight with various skin problems such as adult acne, she decided that she took her own route of skincare: free-of preservatives, fresh ingredients, zero synthetic sulfates and fragrance. The simplest, yet, the finest ingredients are all you need to transition into recovery from ‘Preservative-skin’ AKA 방부제 피부 in Korean.

We believe in these 5 Steps for good skincare routine.
Stress-free, practice mindfulness to unclog your worries off your mind and have positive thoughts
Cleanse well with gentle motion: Light Alkaline soaps can help cleansing the makeup residue off your face.
Use high quality oils to lock in the moisture and be patient in restoring your skin’s water and oil balance naturally instead of liquid base lotions, creams and serums which likely to contain preservatives and emulsifiers.
Avoid frequent exfoliation of skin.
3 Ps : Patience. Persistence. Proficiency. Be patient with getting the results (our skin immunity needs at least 6 months to get rebuilt), Be persistent with the regimen you chose and follow through, be proficient with your own skincare (knowledge is indeed power.)
We are a cool community focusing on manufacturing the most simplest, yet the finest products with the freshest ingredients from ethical suppliers. Welcome to our Cool Community!


Cool Wellness™ by Cool Wellness Cafe LLC


80B Centre Pl

Palisades Park, NJ 07650

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