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All That and A Bar of Soap

Contact Information

7397 State Route 159
Chillicothe, OH 45601 United States

Contact: Sarah Colopy
Phone: (740) 649-7239

Products/Services Offered

  • Soap
  • Cosmetics
  • Candles

Product Types

  • Colored Soaps
  • Creams
  • Custom Formulated Soaps
  • Facial Products
  • Foot Care Products
  • Gift Sets/Baskets
  • Lotions
  • Other Bath Products
  • Scrubs & Exfoliants
  • Shampoo / Conditioner
  • Uncolored Soaps
  • Unscented Cosmetics
  • Unscented Soaps
  • Wedding/Party Favors

I am a small business that personally formulates all of the products I produce along with producing them myself! I take pride in what I do and what products I put out. I have been making soap and many of these products for over 7 years, but was previously under the name of "Sarah's Soaps and Such". While that name was quite special to me, after hard deliberation I decided to change to something more unique that also encompassed the sass that many of my friends, family, and customers love, so "All That And A Bar Of Soap" was born. With the new name came a world of new opportunities and I am hoping to launch my website by the end of June 2022 and be on a few local store shelves by September 2022. I am hoping to expand to wholesale as well! I currently offer gift sets for all occasions, custom ordered soaps (or other products), and most definitely do offer shipping, of course.

A full list of products my shop offers, with a * to denote all-natural:

Soap (*can be under certain circumstances with scent choice and color choice)

Bath bombs

Beard balm (*can be based on scent choice)

Beard oil (*can be based on scent choice)

Body balm*

Bug-off spray*

Bug-off lotion

Bug-off candle

Candles - a blend of soy, coconut, and beeswax

Cream conditioner (pair with shampoo!)

Dandelion balm*

Eyelash serum*

Jewelweed balm*

Jewelweed spray*

Jewelweed soap*

Scrubs: white sugar scrub, brown sugar scrub, pink Himalayan salt scrub, Dead Sea mud scrub

Shampoo bar (*can be based on scent choice) (pair with conditioner!)

Wax melts - a blend of soy, coconut, and beeswax

Whipped lotion

I also carry a few soap accessories:

Handmade concrete soap dishes

Hand-cut wooden soap dishes

Silicone soap trays

Soap saver bags

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