Southampton Soap Company

P.O. Box 551
Southampton , NY 11969

Phone: 631.259.3898

All soaps are NOT created equal - do you know what is in yours?

Why it’s special:
Our all natural, 100% vegetable-based artisanal soaps are crafted in small kettle batches, scented with essential oils and adorned with herbs & botanicals. They are then poured into wooden molds and finally, each bar is cut by hand and cured to give you the longest lasting natural cold-process soap you have ever used. No animal testing, no chemicals, no impurities, no sodium lauryl sulfates. Just good, clean soap. What we put on our body is as important as what we put in it.

Our story:
Ten years ago, our own sensitive skin needs helped us to develop these soaps using simple ingredients the old-fashioned way. It's part science, part art, part sensual, part ritual. They are beautiful to look at, beautiful to use and beautiful to smell. A treat for the senses, a boost for the spirit. People everywhere love the change they feel in their skin. Good ingredients make all the difference.

Our philosophy - Memory and the sense of smell:
In Remembrance of Things Past, Marcel Proust eloquently describes a moment wherein he is overcome with joy at the recollection of a memory that was awakened by his sense of smell and taste.  A simple bite of a tea-soaked cookie unexpectedly transported him to another space and time.  At Southampton Soap Company, we wish to bring people back to the Hamptons again and again, so that you may fondly enjoy those moments when back at home.  Time enjoyed bathing by the seaside with friends and family;  gatherings of merriment, relaxation and the exquisite beauty of nature found here in the Hamptons- to be experienced from afar with a simple bar of soap. 

Our services:
Southampton Soap is available for wholesale, retail, gift sets, wedding and event favors, corporate gifts and hospitality industry services. Specialty size and private labeling are also available for our clientele at an additional cost.

Our promise:
We promise to bring you the finest soap using the purest, all natural ingredients that is safe for even the most sensitive skin. We guarantee your skin will love it.

To inquire about carrying our all natural soaps, please contact our Southampton office
at 631.259.3898 or email us at You may also visit us on the web at and on facebook to see what people are saying about Southampton Soap Co.

What you put on your body is as important as what you put in it...

Cheers to keeping it clean & green!