Picket and Oak

405 W. Illinois Ave
Ellensburg, WA 98926

Phone: 206-372-6373


Website: http://picketandoak.com

Hello dear one! I’m so glad you stopped by to say hello and read a bit here and there. Hopefully on these pages you find inspiration to live a more naturally beautiful you.

I started on my journey into natural living about 6 years ago with the birth of my first son. What began as quest for clean and healthy has taken me somewhere I could have never imagined but absolutely love.

Today I find myself in the role of proprietor of hand-crafted skincare products that harness the healing power of nature through herbal infusions, emollient and nourishing oils, & purifying clays and salts. I work in small batches which ensures maximum health benefits in our products and I never use synthetic or harmful ingredients. In particular I love infusing the healing properties of herbs into my products. It is pure magic to me!

I’m also a full-time mom to 3 busy boys, real food cook, homeschooler, artist, wanna-be urban farmer {we have big dreams}, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. My dear husband, Gary, is a wood worker in his daytime job at a small wood-wright shop in our town. He is my support, encouragement and co-laborer. He pushes me to be more than I believe I can be and to keep going when I’m tired and weary. We make a great team when our dominant first born tendencies don’t get in the way. He’s my computer tech, chief financial officer and collaborator.

As a couple we are deeply committed to living within our means, being generous with our talents both of time and resources, shepherding our children’s hearts well, and passionately following our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ where and whenever he leads us.