Sweet Revenge Soapery

Williston Park, NY

Website: http://sweetrevengesoapery.com

Our products are lovingly made from scratch in my private soap shop. We create small batches in order to control the quality, freshness and integrity of each and every one. Much effort and pride goes into keeping everything as natural as possible yet visually pleasing while using natural colors, pigments and both essential oils and high quality, phthalate free fragrance oils.

~ All soaps are hand cut and then cured for at least 4-6 weeks. This long cure
time lends for a more beautiful, mild and longer lasting bar for you to enjoy!

~ To make things convenient and resourceful for our customers, every bar is created for use
on the entire body which makes things super easy when traveling and less
wasteful then a bunch of plastic shower gel bottles and shaving cream tubes
in your bathroom!

~ Our palm oil is sourced from a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm
Oil (RSOP) which supports the growth and use of sustainable palm oil.

Because we use the old fashioned way of making soap which is called Cold Process, we never shrink wrap our soaps because Cold Process Soap needs to "breath"

We believe that the little details make a big difference!

We hope that you give our products a try and love them as much as we do!