4231 JAY ST
DULUTH, MN 55804

Phone: 806-787-2206
Website: http://www.wildrootsbodycare.com

is a Duluth, MN based herbal body care company. 
Crafting small-batch, super luxe body care treatments from SEED-TO-SKIN
using simple and pure ingredients inspired by nature and the harmonious oils of
flowers, resins, barks and roots. 

At Wildroots, we produce each and every one
of our products in small batches with the purest ingredients. Many of the
botanicals used in the Wildroots product line are grown, dried, and saved right
from our own backyard. Wildroots proudly encourages others to plant daily self-care
rituals with their simple, earth-loving, skin-nourishing beauty products.

My art is healing and making
people feel beautiful in their own skin. My hands are my most valuable
tools—them and, of course, my handwritten recipe book. And my customers are my
biggest source of inspiration. All my products actually started as recipes for
myself, my first born, or friends and family."

 ~Megan, Crafter of super luxe body treatments