Buck Na.ked Soap Company

248 Millvue St.
Cambridge, ON N3C 1T3 Canada

Phone: 226.749.3130
Website: http://www.bucknakedsoapcompany.etsy.com

The Buck Na.ked Soap Company began in March 2013 when my son, a newborn at the time, developed skin irritations. After turning to mainstream baby products to help alleviate his discomfort, I realized that their many chemical ingredients were likely causing his issues in the first place. I decided to start researching skin and soap-making and create my own alternatives. After all, necessity is the mother of invention.

The result was quality products I loved and was so proud of that I wanted to share them with others. The people close to me were supportive and eager to try them out and gave me a great deal of positive and helpful feedback. All of our hard work, passion and determination alleviated my son’s eczema and Buck Na.ked was born. Since our inception, we have successfully introduced 23 products to the line and public interest is overwhelming.

Buck Na.ked Soap Company has a strong network of followers, both local and online, with success predominantly from farmer’s markets, online and word of mouth. Our business is based in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada where we handcraft the all-vegan product line of soaps, bath bombs, lotion bars and lip butter in small batches. To create our luxury line of soaps, we use cold process soap-making, the most traditional method that combines oil and sodium hydroxide solution. Buck Na.ked soaps omit chemicals and animal by-products and contain only natural vegetable glycerin to help retain moisture in the skin.

The wide range of other naturally-occurring ingredients include Shea butter, cocoa butter, Dead Sea mud, almond milk, oatmeal, lavender and chamomile, among others. In different variations, they help to maintain skin’s moisture and improve radiance. All palm oil used in our soaps is certified sustainable by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) to alleviate deforestation and ensure the preservation of the orangutan habitats during the harvesting of palm oil and ensure competitive wages for workers.

Each of our soaps are unique. The oil combinations, and often our sodium hydroxide solutions, differ to ensure each one has its own set of beneficial properties. For instance, our “CocoRosa Soap” is made with coconut milk to produce a silky feeling on skin, while our “Drunken Soap” is made with real beer for its conditioning properties. A few of our other soaps are made with herbal teas as part of the solution base. The steeping process ensures that the maximum benefit of the botanicals we use goes into the soap and ultimately into your skin.

Starting my business has helped my family and I appreciate and live a healthier lifestyle. It has also improved my social and environmental consciousness. While I have always known that many chemicals can negatively impact our bodies, it was only once I started doing intensive research due to my son’s discomfort that the composition of many mainstream products came to my full attention.

The Buck Na.ked motto has always been “plan with the end in mind”. Our primary goal is to bring affordable luxury combined with all-natural vegan ingredients to a growing number of people concerned about the chemicals in our everyday personal care products. In addition to our online store presence with Storenvy, we are excited to announce our expansion into local boutiques, gift shops and all-natural local health food stores.
One of our long-term goals is to open a street-front location where we will be visible to the community. As Buck Na.ked grows, I hope to build a growing fan base of people who realize the true benefits of my bath products and love them as much as my family and I do.