The Shea Soap Lab




At The Shea Soap Lab, we prepare our soaps in small, artisan batches using quality ingredients, standardized recipes, and a dash of creativity. We make all our cold-process soaps in small batches using only vegetable oils and specialty butters; we never use animal fats or prepared soap bases. During saponification, the chemical process that creates soap, the fatty acids found in the oils and butters are converted by lye to soap and glycerin. Most commercial soap manufacturers remove the glycerin from their soaps. All the handcrafted soaps made at The Shea Soap Lab have their full glycerin content.

We also cure every bar of soap for at least a month to insure hardness and mildness. We only use the finest ingredients at The Shea Soap Lab. Our scented soaps contain either essential oils or fragrances specifically made for soap use. The colorant used for the different artistic effects come from pigments designed for cold-process soap use. The end result is a bar of soap that is a pleasure to use and truly unique. . Your soap will differ slightly from the image pictured in color and swirl pattern. Individual bars may vary in weight, but they will weigh more than the net weight stated.
Please use our website to place an order. The Shea Soap Lab does not have a physical store to visit at this time. Thank you!