A Natural Alternative Soaps & Toiletries

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Contact: Hedge Sefcovic
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Website: http://www.a-natural-alternative.com

My journey making soaps started 10 years ago and has led me down a path filled with science and wonder. I have studied chemistry, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, as well as marketing and small business management. This constant study allows me to make the best products I can and to be constantly making them better.

Fragrance is one of our most powerful senses. It has the power to bring us back in time, to transport to a far away land, and to calm and comfort us in the present. Making soaps and toiletries allows me to tap into the power of fragrance. For me, it is not just the scent that is important, but the overall aesthetics of the item. Color plays an important role, as each fragrance invokes a feeling that can be better communicated using color. Texture is also important- the feel of the item as we use and apply it is as important as the ingredients found within. Flavor of items applied to the lips is another essential. Anyone who has ever had a head cold knows that fragrance and flavor go hand in hand. I am proud to be able to make a craft that can touch four of our five senses, all at the same time.

All of my products are inspired by nature. They are all free from preservatives and detergents as well as dyes. My soaps are made by a process called hand milling. This process takes more time, but produces a harder, longer lasting, bar of soap that many say has a more luxurious lather. Most of my soaps are also all made with organic whole milk (or goat’s milk) which improves their skin feel and moisturizing properties. All of my products are made from my own recipes; no premade bases or mixes of any kind are used.

I make what I love and I hope that you love it too. I am always available to make something special just for you.