Roslindale Soap Company

Roslindale (Boston), MA 02131


Roslindale Soap Company specializes in making natural, top quality, handcrafted cold process soap and bath products. We are native Bostonian Soap Artisans who have done our research---the ingredients in our soaps are selected for their beneficial properties and characteristics. We avoid artificial fragrances and colorants. Our handcrafted soaps contain naturally occurring glycerin, and are enhanced using teas, herbal oil infusions, therapeutic grade essential oils, natural clay, spices, and organic plant parts. Many of our soaps are vegan, and some are palm free. All of our soaps are free of artificial colors and artificial fragrances. All of our soaps are Cruelty Free, Sulfate Free and Paraben Free. We are proud to offer quality soaps made by native resident soap artisans within the City of Boston.

Roslindale Soap Company began as a result of our family’s love for products with natural healing properties as well as a desire to "clean up" our bathing rituals by avoiding chemically laden products. As we began searching for natural products to replace the chemical laden soaps in our home, we quickly realized that all handmade soap is not the same, nor is handmade soap necessarily "pure" or "natural". We found that many handcrafted soaps used pre-made components, lacked beneficial ingredients, included artificial colorants and contained artificial fragrances. As a family, we were having difficulty finding a variety of soaps that were truly natural, environmentally friendly, and honestly helpful to persons with sensitive skin. As a result, we began our journey of making cold process soap to help care for our own family. Now, we hope to help you care for yours.

All of our recipes are uniquely formulated, thus we are able to determine exactly what is in our soaps, and we do not skimp on the good stuff. All soaps are made from scratch using quality raw materials--nothing is pre-made. We personally select every ingredient based upon its quality as well as its beneficial characteristics before it is added to each soap.

We thank you for reading about our company, and hope that you enjoy experiencing our soaps. If you have questions about our products or if you have a special request, please email us at and we will do our best to assist you.