Apothecary Muse

6732 Reynolds St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Contact: Eryn Hughes


Website: https://www.apothecarymuse.com

Over the past several years of soap-making, I've worked and played in the outdoor industry and performed a lot of commercial product testing. I determined that outdoor athletes' health and the environment have unique needs, which are mostly unmet by the industry. Interest piqued, I've studied sports nutrition, wilderness medicine, mountain bike coaching, herbalism and aromatherapy. Skin is the body's largest organ and is crucial to one's overall health and well-being. I try to grow and ethically wildharvest ingredients within the seasons for the most efficacy and relevance. I avoid genetically engineered or unsustainable products and choose certified-organic ingredients whenever possible. I practice full ingredient disclosure to demonstrate commitment to product integrity and I comply with all labeling regulations so the consumer can make informed and safe choices. I answer questions honestly about my process and products, continuously work towards becoming more informed and giving back to organizations that share my values. You'll often find me taking a break from my mountain bike ride to identify a plant ally. **About the ingredients:** Seeds are planted indoors in the early Spring, if they can't be overwintered. I try to grow as much of the herbs I harvest, dry and finally infuse into the soap as possible, to impart their beneficial properties throughout each appropriate season. At the end of the growing season I save the best plants for seed and store seed for the following growing season. I choose various base oils for their skin-loving qualities to suit the season and various outdoor activities - often infusing my own herbs to deepen an aromatherapy note and give added benefits. It is important to me to source organic, locally made and sustainably sourced ingredients, whenever possible. Only plant-based, natural essential oils and minerals are used as additives. NO chemical fragrance, color, sodium lauryl sulfate or detergents are added to my soap. While my shop has the complete selection of my products, you can also find select products at local stores throughout the country listed on my website.