Serene Suds, LLC

6414 Engel Road
Richmond, VA 23226



Life is messy … in so many forums … & homemade soap eases the days by making a necessary chore healthy & pleasurable.

My mission is to creatively provide cleanliness for health conscious souls by honestly and frugally concocting natural & homemade, vegetarian soaps.

I am passionate about high quality, natural soap that feels silky, lathers luxuriously, lovingly moisturizes, smells divine, cleans seriously, & is good for you! I believe we have a moral obligation to our health. Skin is our largest organ and largest defense against disease. It is vital that we only introduce pure and natural products to our system.
Small batches, high quality oils, strictly essential oils, and natural blessings from Earth as exfoliants, smells, & colors bring you a pure and quality product.

With a touch of garden, a swirl of art, and a lot of heart, thank you for trusting me to create your soaps.