Hawaiian Bath & Body®

67-106 Kealohanui St.
POB 209
Waialua, HI 96791

Contact: Debora Driscoll
Phone: 808 637 8400
Fax: 808 637 7627
Website: http://www.hawaiianbathbody.com

Aloha and welcome to Hawaiian Bath & Body® natural and organic soaps and skincare.  Since 2001 we've been handcrafting natural soaps, first from our home and now from the North Shore Soap Factory.  Kukui nut oil is the basis for all our products and what makes our line moisturizing, soothing and gentle. Organic and locally sourced ingredients, never petrochemicals, make our products a favorite for socially and environmentally conscious consumers, but more importantly for those kids who hate itchy skin!!  Got eczema? Get Hawaiian Bath & Body® soaps to help soothe the itch and reduce the dryness.  Try Hawaiian Bath & Body® today!