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Natural products from down the lane! Fresh bath and beauty products for the whole family.

I started making my own products years
ago because I was tired of scented lotion irritating my face, a half an
ounce of moisturizer costing $30, and weird ingredients that didn't
sound like they belonged on my skin. I searched the internet for simple
recipes that used a few natural ingredients that actually had proven
benefits, and got to work on fresh natural products.

One of my
first creations was a face cream that I absolutely became obsessed with.
When I was going to become Mrs. Lane, I made it for all the ladies at
my bachelorette party. I also gave some to my mom and other family
members who helped set up my wedding reception. My hubby (then fiance)
was having a hard time finding hair product that he liked that actually
tamed his thick wavy I made him all natural hair wax. I've
made my sister "dry" shampoo, made mom laundry detergent, etc. etc.

came a October 2014 I became Mama Lane. I started using cloth
diapers right away to avoid irritation and cut costs, but I still ran
into a horrible diaper rash from store bought wipes! That's when I
decided to go back into my recipe vault and make him wipes. While I was
at it, I made calming room spray and foot massage oil to incorporate
into our bedtime routine to help him sleep. I love being able to use all
natural products on my baby because they not only work better (in my
opinion), but they're better for him and the ingredients are actually

All in all, this Fresh Mama Lane is working to make
as many products as naturally as possible, and bringing these natural
benefits to everyone else as well. I make everything by hand in small
batches, so there may be slight variations from one bottle to the next,
but I try to ensure consistency and quality in everything I create.
Also, because some of the ingredients are raw / unrefined / natural,
this also contributes to variations (and some “earthy” scents). Using
these ingredients in their most natural form has the most powerful
benefits for your skin, so I wouldn't have it any other way!

those who have not used essential oils, I recommend that you first put a
small amount of the product on the back of your hand or inside of your
wrist to test any sensitivities. They are diluted, but everyone’s skin
is different and I can’t be responsible for any reactions. I will gladly
make you an essential-oil free version of any product by request if you
find that your skin doesn’t tolerate something well. I can also work on
custom products depending on the request, so feel free to ask me!

Take a look through my Etsy shop for natural fresh products from down the lane :)