Basilwood Farm LLC

15759 Morgan Canyon Road
Prather, CA 93651

Contact: Jill Spruance
Phone: (559) 332-3276



Basilwood Farm is about creating an experience for our
customers that will leave them better, happier, healthier and smiley-er than
when they arrived.  Our customers desire
more than wholesome artisanal products, they crave an experience. A sense of
place is enveloped in a handcrafted bar of goat’s milk soap that begins in the
milk barn with our micro-herd of dairy goats, each of which is punctuated by
her own personality, name and “family.” We engage our customers in every part
of the experience, from daily milking, pasture antics, naming contests for new
soaps & baby goats, projects on the farm and in The Soap Room, workshops
for cheese making and soap felting and getting up close and personal with the
members of our goat milk soap team (human and caprine).