Belham Herbals

140 Pier Village Market
St. Simons Island, GA 31522

Phone: 912-678-3718

Made with Mother Earth in Mind

This shop's selection is eclectic; we specialize in soap, body care,
and woodwork, and we offer natural products, herbs, and fragrances as
well. We are inspired by Nature and the Earth, and as such we offer a
variety of products carefully crafted (as well as packaged in, and
shipped to you) with eco-friendly, sustainable, all-natural
ingredients and materials in respect to the Earth and all that lives
upon it. We both have a scholarly background of diverse cultural,
religious and language studies and offer carefully researched and
formulated products. We firmly believe that you will nowhere else find high-quality, hand-made, small-batch
products that are prepared with such respect and care, especially at
our prices. Many of our products started out as simple recipes or
projects that have been expanded through months or years of development
and testing to the products you see here. We firmly believe in transparency
and keeping the customer informed; we really feel as though everyone
should be able to be more informed about what goes into and onto their
body. Many of our products are alternatives to mass-marketed, cheap
items that you can find at your local superstore that are full of
ambiguous ingredients. It is one of our goals to fully explain the
purpose behind each and every ingredient we put into a product.


A Little History

actually started Belham Herbals back in 2011 as Horned God Home Arts
(a reference to the celtic Cernunnos, or the Shakespearan Herne). We
(Lacy & Michael) both had a few crafty ideas and wanted to start
creating and selling to the public. We actually started the shop as a
kilt business! We designed a kilt together and started working on other
designs and custom fabric printing as an alternative to much more
expensive, ready-made kilt options. We slowly added incense and soap to
our offerings, along with a handful of rather random home and altar
decorations and supplies. We generally focused on creating items that we
wanted, but could not find anywhere else. We believed that there had to
be someone else out there looking for the same things we wanted! We
created items that we loved, items that would draw us. We started on a
very small scale, just a corner of the apartment living room back in the
early years of college. Our items took on a nature-oriented theme,
focusing on natural items with mythological and spiritual inspirations.
We did some online sales, sold our products on consignment locally and
attended music festivals and local events. We gradually expanded over
the years to Farmer’s Markets and a variety of online locations. We have
since relocated back to our home town of Brunswick, GA and continue to
expand our business by offering our products here, on Etsy, at several
local markets and now in our own storefront. If you
are in the Southeast Georgia/North Florida area and interested in
carrying our products in your store, please contact us.


About the Artisans

Herbals is the dream of two artisans, Lacy Bell-Putnam & Michael
Putnam. We are a married couple with one daughter, born in early 2015,
Brigid Ann Putnam, and two furry children, Ragnarok & Valkyrie Rose,
both pit bulls. We both are graduates of Georgia Southern University
and are originally from Brunswick, Georgia. Lacy studied Justice
Studies/Pre-Law, Michael studied Anthropology and Lingustics, while both
minored in Religious Studies. We began the shop in our college
apartment early on in our relationship. Lacy tends to work on the herbal
recipes and product formulations, while Michael works hard on
woodworks, though we both work hard to make the products together. In
our spare time, we garden, brew mead (honey wine), enjoy historical
re-enactments, sew a little, write a little and spend weekends out with
little Brigid.