Ye Olde Goat Cart

Groton, NY 13073


Ye Olde Goat cart offers a wide variety of goat's milk soap and lotions to soothe and care for the skin. With a unique recipe developed by Ye Olde Goat Cart using the maximum amounts of local, farm fresh Goat's Milk allowed by science, Ye Olde Goat Cart soaps and lotions are products that your skin will love.

High quality, therapeutic grade essential oils are used to scent products whenever possible. However, some scents cannot be found in nature, and in those cases, high quality fragrance oils are used. Natural products, including clays and micas, are used for beautifully elegant, yet simple colors.

Ye Olde Goat Cart also offers lip balm and all-natural beard oils, scented with unique blends of essential oils only.

Ye Olde Goat Cart sells online, at craft shows and festivals in the Finger Lakes area of New York, and to wholesale partners across the United States.