Soap Naturals

Sedalia, CO 80135

Contact: Jordi Owens
Phone: 303-522-5369

Our mission is to help you eliminate as many harmful chemicals as possible; while still supplying you with high-quality skin loving products you can feel good about using. 

All of our soaps, melts, etc. are made with love, in small batches. We source the finest ingredients (including sustainable and organic where possible) and we are working towards making our entire line palm free. Our shrink wrap is biodegradable.  We use only high-quality essential oils or phthalate free fragrance oils. Our high bubbles and luxurious lathers are achieved naturally, through the blending of quality oils, not by using harsh detergents such as SLS. Our soaps contain their natural glycerin, a natural humectant, unlike many commercial companies that remove their glycerin to be used in other products for higher profits. No mineral wax or other cheap fillers are ever used, only botanicals, and natural ingredients known to be beneficial such as avocado, honey, cucumber, & oats. AND, you can feel great knowing you are supporting a small business!

Products You'll Love, Naturally!