Polliwog Essentials

P.O. Box 2808
Missoula, MT 59806-2808

Contact: Connie Muller
Phone: 406-529-2052


Website: http://polliwogessentials.com/

Polliwog Essentials was born from the desire to create highly effective personal care products that are easy on the skin and scalp.  Through small-batch creation, Polliwog Essentials designs body care with a simple, balanced approach that provides optimum results for the skin and hair by eliminating harmful ingredients and incorporating carefully selected beneficial ones into every product we make.  While many natural and healthy alternatives to commercial body care exist, Polliwog Essentials offers products that specifically address some of the most common contributors to skin sensitivity including harsh preservatives, artificial fragrances, fillers, emulsifiers and petroleum based ingredients.  Polliwog Essentials is simply transforming body care.