Play Love Laugh, Inc.

663 West Chester Street
Long Beach, NY 11561

Contact: Debra Marino
Phone: 5168605753

PLL only uses natural products, animal free/safe, eco friendly, made in US, nontoxic/noncarcinogenic, and all our products help skin, nail & hair integrity. Perfect for toddlers, tweens, teens, women, expecting moms, lactating moms, & all mature women. Safe for all types of skin from normal, dry, sensitive, oily, blemished, eczema, psoriasis, allergies, asthma. We have patented natural peel off nail polishes made with fruits and vegetables; NEW our lip glosses moisturize & protect like lip palms but shine like lip gloss, including hint of tints to full colored lip glosses, perfect for all princesses and queens. NEW, face & body paints to help your kid's skin while having loads of fun. NEW, liquid eyeshadows, easy to apply, looks beautiful while helping skin integrity. NEW, Grey Away, alternative choice to coloring/dying hair, let your hair naturally blend the greys away. Enjoy, play love and laugh with our Natural As It Gets PLL products.