Scrubology Soap

Edmonds, WA 98020

Contact: Janey Davies
Phone: 425-967-3693



I admit to an obsession with soap making. I am hopelessly addicted and spend almost every day producing bars that are unique and beautiful. I especially enjoy solving customer's skin issues. Let's talk about yours! You can find me in person at the Edmonds Saturday Summer market and selected holiday craft fairs in the area.

I bevel each bar which allows them to roll comfortably in your hands.  Every few months I send two large flat-rate boxes of scraps to Las Vegas where the workers at Clean The World, a non-profit organization, process the soap. Scraps are melted down and re-molded to provide usable bars. The soap is donated to homeless shelters and developing countries all over the world providing simple sanitation that prevents communicable disease.