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The Bath Witch is a natural bath and body line.

When a product is natural it means it contains no Synthetic dyes or fragrances. products are scented with essential oils and colored with ingredients such as; clays, and/or botanicals.

The Bath Witch's products are made with 8 ingredients or less. .

The Bath Witch's products have no parabens, sulfates, or formaldehyde.

Ingredients used (oils, herbs, butters etc) are selected to solve common skin care needs that most experience; Such as dry, itchy skin, maturing skin, blotchy skin, adolescent skin, or those of us re-visiting our adolescent skin (a-hem).

The Bath Witch focuses on facial products, but has many items for the bath and whole body. Items available by The Bath Witch are:
Day & night facial creams, eye serums, lip balms, body lotions, hand lotions, body scrubs, bath salts, body powders, salves, deodorant, bar soaps, liquid soaps, and perfume oils.

The Bath Witch makes items for men as well; Shaving bars, & aftershave.

All scents are created in house.

Wholesale pricing is available upon request.

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