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Newburgh, NY

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Hi, my name is Angella Clarke and I live in New York City, with my husband and two children. My love and great passion for making Soap and Cosmetics came out of a life long history and culture growing up on the Island Of Jamaica.  While growing up on the Island, it was customary at times in the homes, to observe and be taught how to create several concoctions that would alleviate ailments; some of these ailments derived from situations such as: insect bites, a clumsy fall or from the dreaded flu virus. Some of the pleasurable delights that was shared by several households throughout the Island, was the knowledge of knowing how to make Coconut Oil and Castor Oil among other things to use as a proven treatment for the health of our skin and hair and also used in our ethnic dishes to enhance our health. As a result of this superbly rich history and talented culture, I have kept, savored and maintained this ability and desire to create natural products for the health of my skin and hair. Since 2013, I have improved my skills In formulating soap and cosmetics through Prime Video demonstrations from some of the best in the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Business. I have also enrolled in The Formula Botanica Organic Cosmetic Science School online and currently persuing The Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulations. I am presently maintaining a level of distinction. Attending this school has broadened my skills in formulating several different natural products in an exponential manner! I have since September, 2015, turned my passion and skills to formulate and make natural soaps and other cosmetics; this is consistently confirmed by the eager returns of my growing customers. Thanks to the HSCG for this platform. Please feel free to join my fast growing list of happy customers! Thanks. Angella Clarke, Owner, Manager Naturally Naz, LLC