Pure Soap Flake Company

Jenkins, MN 56474

Contact: Head Flake
Phone: 218-568-2525


Website: http://www.puresoapflakes.com

Pure Soap Flake Company handcrafts a simple 3 product line that is completely biodegradable.

Pure Soap Flakes ~ our signature product can be used in a multitude of ways for an authentically natural, and extremely gentle, bathing, cleaning, and laundry experience which cleans and conditions.

Pure Soap Bars ~ specially formulated and created by demand for bathing, cleaning, and laundry. Embraced by outdoor enthusiasts.

Pure Laundry Powder ~ can be used for laundry and cleaning! A proprietary blended formulation of ground Pure Soap Flakes, aluminum free baking soda, borax (or borax free), and washing soda, that creates an old fashioned laundry and cleaning powder. Safe for drains, septic, and waterways. Can be used in front and top loader, and HE washing machines.

Pure Soap Flake Company food grade saponifies using naturally processed organic vegetable oils of Malaysian coconuts and Minnesota soybeans that are fair trade. Our pure soap products are kind to living creatures and natural fibers, and welcomed by people with sensitive skin, sense, and tattoos! Our Pure Laundry Powder is safe for drains, septic and waterways. Sold at natural food stores and cooperatives, and available online at PureSoapFlakes.com