Hyssop Tree, LLC

Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Contact: Dorathy
Phone: 270-737-8092


Website: https://www.hyssoptree.com/

I have a deep passion to see change, and I strive to be the change that I wish to see.  Hi, I'm Dorathy, the founder of Hyssop Tree.

I have a dream that one day our communities will be so resilient and supportive that when crisis comes, we will answer with encouragement in the place of judgement, hope instead of fear, and community in the place of isolation.

So I make soap.

When a customer purchases one of my soaps, she also covers the cost of a second soap. That soap is given through a local non-profit organization to someone impacted by crisis. Together, we all participate in someone's successful journey out of crisis and toward healing.

Each soap is made from my exclusive, scientifically-derived formula. Every soap is made to the highest standards I can possibly achieve. It's worth the work when no one is looking because I know every soap is getting us one step closer to an impossible dream.

Visit my website to learn more or to participate and make a difference.