Abbey Lane Farm

Vancouver, BC V5N3X6 Canada

Contact: Jasmine Venditti
Phone: 6043553373
Fax: 6043553373

Abbey Lane Farm Natural Body Care, an eco-beauty line created to provide high quality, affordable non-toxic alternatives to commercial B&B products. In a nutshell, I offer fresh, simple, effective everyday skincare solutions for the greener & more gorgeous consumer, planet & society.
Consciously handcrafted from start to finish, we utilize small batch production methods & carefully sourced raw ingredients to ensure product freshness and quality. Many of our products reflect a farm to skin approach that is local to British Columbia; where in our formulations include our own organically grown herbs & botanicals and beeswax from Fraser Valley honey bee farmers. In addition, we offer products that require minimal and/or reusable packaging to encourage responsible waste management.