Avila Aromatics

1316 Glenwood Road
Brooklyn, NY 11230

Contact: Karin Lieberman
Phone: 415-238-9212
Website: http://www.avilaaromatics.com

Avila Aromatics support products are formulated with certified organic, organic, wild harvest and unsprayed essential oils, certified organic herbal infused oils, certified organic carrier oils and certified organic beeswax.  All products are formulated and blended by  trained clinical aromatherapist, Karin Lieberman.  The intention behind each product is to support a physical issue and simultaneously uplift and/or calm the emotions with carefully formulated essential oil combinations in tandem with herbal infused oils.  

We currently have two joint roll ons, Grove (invigorating) and Balsam Floral (calming), Hearth a warming joint/muscle salve, Forest a cooling muscle salve, Arbor an "opening" respiratory salve and Fortress a refreshing immune support salve.

Avila Aromatics's holistic products are made with best intentions for mind, body and spirt.