Flowersong Soap Studio

1732 E McLellan Blvd
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Contact: Jennifer O'Farrell
Phone: 6028881737

Soap making is more than just a hobby or a business, it is a form of expression, like any craft. In some small way, Flowersong Soap Studio's mission is to provide a way to listen to the song of life any time by incorporating the very best of what the flowers and plants have to offer. Our daily churning through the cycle of growth and regrowth can be made more beautiful by the gifts of nature. Daily routine becomes a connection to natural beauty and benefit.

In the process of learning this craft, one gains a deep appreciation of the fascinating construction of our skin. The combination of chemicals, physical barriers, and the complex support system that keeps us all, literally, held together, is an elegant machine. And it is more easily disrupted than anyone thinks about.

From the day I made my first batch of soap, I was captivated by the complex process that seemed like alchemy. There were endless experiments with combinations of ingredients to see how each behaved and impacted the finished product. I spent a LOT of time in the shower doing "stress testing" to see which formulations were longest lasting. The soap recipe I use today is the result of that work.

When my first batch of Flowersong soap was ready in April 2015, I couldn't wait for it to cure and started using a shard of Rose as hand soap after just a week. I am very excited to share this simple goodness with you.