Blue Loon Botanicals

Candia, NH 03034

Contact: Marilyn Plummer
Phone: 302-703-7627


Blue Loon Botanicals is an evolving line of bath and body care products that are gentle, hydrating and crafted from 100% plant based ingredients.  Blue Loon also has a full line of beeswax candles that help clean your air as they burn and help reduce indoor pollutants.

Blue Loon Botanicals uses all natural ingredients in all product formulations.  You will find no synthetic additives but rather high quality natural ingredients, may organic, and all oils and lye of food grade quality.  The essential oils used in these products are either steam distilled or CO2 extracted.  

Blue Loon Botanical soaps have a natural look since the only colorant ingredients used are derived from natural clay and organic botanical ingredients.