153 Boutique

8318 Dawn Dr
Lake Spivey, GA 30236

Contact: Tasha Moody
Phone: 404-775-6760
Website: http://www.153boutique.com

We are a small home-based, family business based in Metro Atlanta, GA. We hand make our soaps with the hot process using natural, organic and sustainable materials specifically designed for sensitive skin. 

Prior to making soap we purchased it from a farmers' market. Tasha, one of our owners, loved lavender soap. She is a veteran who has battled PTSD for over 10 years and loved the calming effects of the lavender soap and how gentle it was on her skin. The vendor she purchased her soap from moved out of the state of Georgia. When Tasha ran out of soap she tried to go back to store bought soap and noticed a huge difference. She went to the vendor's website to order more soap but ordering via the website was no longer an option. The vendor did have a video showing how to make soap so she began researching.

Once Tasha was confident she made her first batch soap. It turned out very good. She made batch after batch and began adding essential oils. She was making soap just for her and her family. But as extended family and friends saw and smelled soap curing in the house they quickly began purchasing soap from them. Soon she had to extend her services and our family business began. We have a good core of recipes some are our staple soaps and others are seasonal.

Now we sell our soap on-line and at the Morningside Farmers' Market where it all began.