Beary Sudsy Soap Company

PO Box 903
Magalia, CA 95954

Contact: Christina Rickert
Phone: 5305205051

Beary Sudsy Soap exists to provide our customers the best quality products and environmentally ethical experience possible. This gives them the power to indulge while feeling good about the choices they make as a consumer. We are a transparent earth and body friendly business, with exceptional customer service in mind every time. 

My studies have always focused on environmental issues, energy systems, natural resources, and sustainability.

During my studies I sat up and took notice of the products I was using, where they were coming from, and the affect of my choices on my health and the health of the environment. By the time I graduated, I knew that I wanted to affect change by:

  • Making a positive difference in the health of the world
  • Interacting with people in a positive way
  • Reducing my carbon footprint and helping others to reduce theirs
  • Giving back!
  • All that passion for the environment and you chose to make soap? Yes! Think about it, you use soap every single day of your life.  So, it may seem like a small impact at first glance, but over a lifetime all those little ripples can have a large beneficial impact on our population and our planet, right?!  

    Changing the world is a big challenge, and no one is perfect! One thing is for sure though, you have to take some action in order to make even the smallest of positive ripples in the world. We're always researching and improving our sustainable practices and working to heighten the level of earth conscious choices that help our customers to indulge in a healthy way. 

    We provide beautifully designed hand-crafted soaps that you can really feel good about using every day!  Natural soaps feel and smell amazing, and in a world filled with chemicals and petroleum products you can feel really good about your choice to shop at Beary Sudsy Soap Company.

    Soaps can also be one of our greatest secret indulgences with the smells of nature from essential oils, and the ability of natural oils to leave our skin feeling soft and well cared for. Just hold a good bar of soap to your nose and close your eyes to relax and escape for a few moments. Our goals is for our soaps to transform a mundane chore like washing your body every day, and elevate it to a spa-like experience. 

    We are a small woman, veteran, and person with a disability-owned company. We can't wait to share our products with you! Hold on tight now, it's going to be a bubbly ride that we hope will leave a smile on your face every time! 

    The Beary Sudsy Soaper