BR Naturals

3249 9th Line
Innisfil, ON L9S 3Z4 Canada


We believe our products to be genuine and generally beneficial to all skin types. Their long-term use should help you keep soft and healthy looking skin. In fact, many people that tried our soap told us that after showering with it they do not feel the need to use a skin conditioner because the soap does not leave their skin feeling dry.

Our formulas and recipes are carefully structured and all of our soaps use one or more skin emollients to keep your skin soft and silky even after stripping away the oils that are on your skin (like dirt, grease, sweat…). Our products replenish your skin’s natural oils with their own vegetable oils (fatty acids) that, varying from one soap to another, have similar beneficial properties like leaving your skin soft, nourished, silky, and moisturized. Just for a quick example; castor oil (ricinus communis), which is an important component in all of our different soap types, is known for leaving a layer of protective coating on your skin that draws moisture from the air into your skin and hence prevents it from drying and keeps on moisturizing it even after you are done showering and off to your daily errands.