Wake Forest, NC 27587

Contact: Jennifer

I choose only quality products to create my soap. The products I use are not tested on animals, 100% harvested responsibly and all skin safe. My products are Vegan-friendly and contain no Phthalates. I do use some oils derived from nuts, so please check the ingredients carefully.

Using salt in making soap has a lot of benefits to your skin! Not only is salt said to draw toxins from your skin but also acts as a natural anti-bacterial substance. Your skin also benefits from the minerals that are found in the different types of salts and clays used to make my products. Salt makes a really hard bar of soap, which lasts longer in the shower but also smooths and softens your skin.

Essential oils are a huge part of my ingredient list, where I might also use fragrance oils, I typically prefer products made from plants. When I do find a fragrance I like, I am completely excited to use it and my labels will clearly state if it is an essential oil or not.

To color my soap, I love infusing oils, using natural herbs and spices and many of the skin-safe micas on the market. Everything I use is free from toxins, chemicals and completely safe for lips and eyes.

Handmade soap should not be left to sit in water and will have a longer life if you store it in a dry place when not in use.

Making soap is a pure joy and delight!