Rob Cosgrove

11200 Wexford Drive
Eads, TN 38028

Contact: Rob Cosgrove
Phone: 901-251-0664

Handmade soap and skin care products are affordable luxuries that most people never experience. Unlike the store bought varieties that most of us grew up with, handmade soap and lotions retain all of the beneficial characteristics of the ingredients that go into them. Your skin will feel the goodness immediately.

We are dedicated to producing the finest skin care products using the very best ingredients available, and free of animal products, harsh chemicals, and artificial preservatives. We use organic, natural and free trade ingredients where possible, and label our products accordingly.

We make our products at our ten acre home Stillmeadow in Eads TN, where we have chickens, dogs, birds, and a herd of semi-tame deer. (Yes, we took this picture at Stillmeadow.) Our gardens and greenhouses grow many of the ingredients we use.

All of our products are formulated, balanced, and tested in our own lab and on our own skin, never on animals. We never sell any body product or soap before it is fully cured, tested, and approved by Cosgrove or Lewis themselves.

We chemically test each batch prior to sale to make sure soap contains no residual sodium hydroxide, and that the pH is perfect. We use the latest testing protocols and professional software and equipment.

You can be sure that every product we make is of the highest quality, scientifically formulated and tested, handmade, closely monitored through every phase, and contains the finest essential oils and ingredients regardless of the cost or the length of time required to produce our products.

The oils, butters, and waxes we use are all natural and expensive, and our great variety of in-stock ingredients give us a unique ability to formulate products for very specific purposes, skin conditions and aromatherapies.