The Herbal Alchemist

9914 Ashburton Lane
Bethesda, MD 20817

Contact: Nancy L. Booth, Ph.D.



I offer a wide range of naturally-inspired personal care products, including soap, scrubs, lotions, facial cleansers and serums, lip tints and moisturizers, after-bath oil sprays, room/linen sprays, bath fizzy bombs, healthy aging products, propolis-containing products, exotic natural perfumes, aromatherapy products, and more!

My products are made with an ingredient label-reading consumer in mind. I intend for the final product to be as natural as I can make it, although I will sometimes use preservatives and other compounds when there are no efficacious natural alternatives available. I lean on my natural products consulting background to help me design products.

I have several items that were developed with sensitive and/or dry skin in mind. That being said, no one's body chemistry is guaranteed to be compatible with every product I sell, so please discontinue use if you experience any itching, rash, or discomfort. Although many of my products are thoughtfully designed, please know that according to FDA rules I am unable to put any claims on my products. You are free to research any ingredients, however, so I include all ingredients on each product listing for your convenience online!

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