Moonlit Soapworks

Houston, TX 77095

Contact: Helen Kwok

It all started will a couple pieces of handmade soaps I got from another ETSY seller. It was love at first sight when I used my first bar. But as I researched more into the subject, I was even more fascinated by the whole soap making process. I have been reading up on it for months before I finally decided to jump in and try it. My first couple of batches are hit and miss but with practice they come out better and better. Now 5+ year later and over 200 batches of soap under my belt, I still have more ideas in my head and not enough time in the day to make them :)

My goal is to slowly grow this in to a full time home-based business while develop and design even better artisan soaps. The only rule is that I will only make my soap in small batches to maintain the personal handcraft touch.